16-21 January 2013 | In collaboration with Harris Mazur | Birmingham Bridge Pittsburgh PA 8th Annual School of Architecture Steel Deck Competition Sponsored by EPIC® Metals Corporation

“The City of Pittsburgh Department of City Planning (DCP) is working with the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PENNDOT) to re-envision the Birmingham Bridge... In recent years, art festivals, farmer's markets, gallery crawls and other pedestrian events have become extremely popular in Pittsburgh. DCP and PENNDOT want to design booths to support such activities on the Birmingham Bridge. Working in teams of two, you are to design de-mountable booth(s) and their arrangements to support and enhance the interactions between vendors/ artists and the public considering exhibition, display, transaction, storage/ loading/ unloading activities. Your design must demonstrate the combinatorial possibilities of arranging these booths to make pedestrian places. All of the materials that comprise your booth modules must fit on a panel truck for delivery to and assembly on the site. Epic Metals has agreed to be the supplier of the bulk of the materials for the construction of these booths, so the jury will be considering the creative and expressive use of metal deck products in your design submission.” (http://www.cmu.edu/architecture/whats-good/spring-2013/epic-metals.html)

The proposed design is a series of foldable and transportable booths that can be used for the aforementioned pedestrian events. The decking system configuration here allows for flexible attachments. Shelves, and lighting slide into the slots and attach freely anywhere along the slots. The proposed booth also splays open to create sheltered open-air spaces. These features allow vendors/artists to configure the booths to their specific needs.