Fall 2011 | In collaboration with John William Gott, Kevin Hyun, Brett Perl, Sharon Rubin & John Swanson | Carnegie Mellon University Campus

One of Carnegie Mellon’s renowned traditions requires a minimum of two students to guard The Fence before their organization is allowed to paint it. Located in the heart of campus, The Fence serves as a prime mechanism of increasing an organization’s campus presence. The School of Architecture tasked our year to honor this tradition by designing a series of interconnected shelters that provide overnight accommodations while enhancing the social culture surrounding The Fence. Split into smaller teams, the year was tasked to balance individual designs with the interconnection with neighboring shelters.

Our team proposed a shelter of modest scale that provides both public and private spaces within one form. The wave-like form creates a small sheltered space and an open seating area with one gesture. In order to interconnect with our neighboring shelters, the tail end of the wave curves into an elevated platform while the opposite end intersects with a box to reflect our other neighbors’ rectilinear form. Being our team’s first full-scale project, we explored the possibilities of using dimensional lumber and elementary digital fabrication techniques.